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Latest Booking system and Paperless Technology



We use a paperless free online booking system, built and designed by car valeting specialists to make the booking process as efficient as possible with minimal user input , giving you efficiency and control.

The system can be enhanced and tailored to suit your requirements. Our real-time booking system gives you unrestricted access to your information giving you full and absolute control.

Our team are highly skilled and fully committed to ensuring the highest possible level of service whilst contributing to your overall success.



This system can be enhanced and tailored, if you require additional functionality or features, please speak to our Operations Team for more details.

This system can be enhanced and tailored, if you require additional functionality or features, please speak to the Car Valeting Operations Team for more details.

The system gives you active filtering, vehicle details, product selection and allows for priority scheduling when your business needs immediate action.

Sales staff or Management create the requests, which can be monitored, giving you full visibility of progress throughout the whole process.


This screen shows how easy it is to use our Booking system and Valeting Services.

The system was built from the ground up by industry professionals for ease of use and data management.

This technology has a proven track record and all of our clients love the simplicity and efficiency.

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Our Dashboard is used by the Valet Professionals who are able to view in real-time each request through the use of the Valet Bay Terminal. This ensures all requests are managed and completed seamlessly.

Each authorised staff member will create a booking, they can then monitor , control and modify or cancel requests if required.

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The advantage of our in house bespoke booking system is the instantaneous generation of invoices on a weekly basis.

Your financial personnel will have instant access to all invoices at anytime.

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