Health & Safety in Valeting Services


Grove Autocare Ltd are committed to providing a working environment that is safe, free from hazards and potential risks.

Our Director of Heath & Safety is certified (Institution of Occupational Safety & Health) but we also use the very best practice in all of our work to ensure our own safety, and the safety of those around us.


  • All chemicals and ancillary products are stored in the correct flammable storage cabinets.
  • A register of all chemicals are kept on site as a record of reference.
  • All chemicals used by Grove Autocare are purchased from registered suppliers.
  • Our Operatives will also be trained and certified to apply paint protection to your vehicles if required.


  • Risk Assessment Surveys

  • Our Director of Heath & Safety is certified (IOSH)

  • All staff to wear the correct protected clothing at all times

  • Daily Health and Safety checks carried out by team leaders

  • All Operatives fully trained with the use of chemicals

  • Weekly Audits carried out by the Area Manager

  • All staff adhere to Safe Systems of Work (SSOW)

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