Service Wash

Service Wash valet, service

As per Used Car cleaning specifications:

Service Operative per day

To supply an operative to clean service customer vehicles, up to 15 cars per day (wash, chamois, vacuum). (Detailed specification to be agreed)

Service Valet

  • Degrease under bonnet / engine compartment area with the new Vortex Gun from Autosmart.
  • Wash using a safe degreasing agent┬áto remove dirt and contaminants.
  • Treat engine with specialised waterproofer and appearance enhancer.
  • Clean and / or polish under bonnet and surround.
  • Remove all loose mats from interior and boot, spare wheel and tools.
  • Clean and treat as necessary headlining, sun visors, seats, door panels, carpets, dashboard, parcel shelves, glove boxes, ashtrays and side pockets.
  • Polish steering wheel, interior controls and fittings.
  • Clean pedals and rubber mats.
  • Clean boot and spare wheel, repaint tyre.
  • Replace mats, spare wheel and tools.
  • Vacuum interior, refit mats and carpets.
  • Clean and polish windows, affix stickers as specified.
  • Pressure wash exterior bodywork, wheel arches, remove and wash wheel trims.
  • Clean and degrease door shuts, clean scuff plates.
  • Polish bodywork, door shuts and windows.
  • Re-spray wheels if necessary, paint tyres, refit wheel trims.

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